Amen: The Awakening

Publisher: Unknown
Developer: Cavedog
Genre: 3D Action
Release: Unkown

Part action, part thriller, part puzzle-solver, and part cinematic epic, Amen: The Awaking takes a bold direction and sets a new standard for action-adventure gaming. That's the company line, anyway.

The levels are supposedly larger than any other in this genre, which is why they have called them "acts" instead. They claim that many of these acts are 10 times larger than a typical level in most first-person shooters.

Here are some of the things that make the game special, though. First, sometimes killing is not the right thing to do! How is that for different. Also, there won't be any "find the key, open the door" style puzzles. Instead, they will be more intuitive and realistic. Finally, all the areas, such as subways, airports, and military complexes will be built to scale.