Blood 2: The Chosen

Publisher: Monolith
Developer: Unknown
Genre: First Person Shooter
Release: Unkown

Do you remember playing the original "Blood"? It had to be one of my favorite first-person shooters, right along with Duke Nukem 3D. It was dark, gory, and above all, it managed to be entertaining. The second game is more violent and dark and less funny than the first, but you can bet there will be plenty of dark humor.

You have a choice of four characters: Caleb, the resurrected warrior from the first game; his cold-blooded love Ophelia; Ishmael; or Gabriela. It's not known what the difference between the characters will be, or if there will be any difference beyond appearance… but you can bet Monolith has some good stuff in store for us.

Take a look at some of the features they have planned to take advantage of the powerful LithTech engine:

- Hierarchical key-framed animation (with interpolation), rigid envelopes and shape deformation, and motion captured animation.

- Colored lighting effects, dynamic lighting, light mapping, and translucency and transparency for water and glass effects.

- Large scale particle systems.

- Real-time shadows.

- In-game cut scenes spread throughout the entire game create a believable and engaging story.

- Realistic item placement - there's no more health just lying around, or ammo in the middle of the street. You will have to find it, or take it off of an enemy.

- Dynamic Death Scenes allow for a greater variety of death animations than any other game, and allow the player to dynamically blow off any limb on an enemy's body.

- Surface Attributes allow every surface to react realistically. When the player runs across or shoots a metal surface, it will sound like metal, wood sounds like wood, etc.

- HLS (Hit Location Sensitive) enemies -- shoot them in the leg and they'll limp, shoot them in the head and they'll go down.

- An active world, complete with traffic, civilians, and plenty of working objects to use and destroy.

These pictures are taken from the PC game, but Monolith is hard at work on a Dreamcast port.