Buggy Heat

Publisher: Unkown
Developer: CRI
Genre: Racing
Release: Unkown

CRI, a Japanese 3rd party not often heard about in the States has released pictures of Buggy Heat, a new buggy racing game with incredible graphics. Much speculation and opinionated posts on the web have concluded that Buggy Heat looks better than the current graphic stages of Sega Rally 2. Certainly, we can hope to have network compatibility with this game, as well as a host of racing options, mirror modes, and reverse modes. Buggy Heat's graphics and style indicate that its influence was the new Model 3 Step 2 racer called Dirt Devil. One can already see that Buggy Heat is nearing that quality level quickly. From the screenshots, one can certainly tell that the dust effect is being implemented, as well as what looks like tri-linear filtering. Certainly, from the ambiguity of screenshots, at least, it seems as though CRI knows what they're doing and have a great looking game brewing.

Once more is known about this impressive looking game, we'll have it here for you at DC Extreme.


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