BioHazard - CODE: Veronica

Publisher: Capcom of Japan
Developer: Capcom of Japan
Genre: Action-Adventure
Release: Summer '99 (Japan)

Dreamcast owners, and fans of Resident Evil are in for an early surprise. Originally, it was thought that Sega fans would have to wait quite awhile before they could encounter the freaks from Raccoon City. However recently, in an announcement made by Capcom's Yoshiki Okamoto, BioHazard - CODE: Veronica was unveiled to the eager Japanese press and is set to make a premature splash.

Set in Europe months after the events of Resident Evil 2, this adventure follows Claire Redfield on her continuous journey to find her missing brother, Chris. This time around, Claire hasn't made the trip willingly. Abducted by mysterious captors, she is sent to the old country to once again do battle with a swarm of rotting opponents. Plot details other than that basic setup, are still far from the light, but we'll be sure and keep you updated as more becomes known.

Because of the powerful new technology in the 128-bit era, BioHazard seeks to be more interactive than ever before. Unlike the previous games, where the backgrounds were pre-rendered mattes and flat scenery, the Dreamcast offering will present fully polygonal environments. While the camera angles will still be somewhat set in their ways, the new backdrops will allow for on-the-fly movements and changes, and should make for more exciting drama. There's even a first-person view planned (although it is still unknown if this perspective can be used anywhere or if it's just in select sections).

Other information at this time remains sketchy, but there are unconfirmed reports of possible modem support and deathmatch or cooperative play. Various types of weapons, enemies, and selectable characters are still completely unknown, but you can be sure that the selection will be similar to past games. Until we can uncover more concrete evidence, enjoy the screens you see here and prepare yourself for a return to terror.

[Ed's Note: Sorry the picture quality is so poor, shots of this game are hard to come by.]