Publisher: Unknown
Developer: Warp
Genre: 3D Adventure
Release: Winter 98 (Japan)

This is the first officially announced title for the Dreamcast. D2 is the sequel to D, and the pseudo-sequel to Enemy Zero, which were both released on the Saturn. The graphics will of course be vastly improved, given what hardware the game is running on.

The game takes place in Canada, December 1999. Lara's aircraft is suddenly struck by a meteorite and crashes to the ground. She is rescued and wakes up at a cabin in the middle of a snowy mountain range. All the civilians have been turned to monsters. But how? What is going on.....

The emphasis in D2 is the graphics. With 2,500 polygons used for each character's face, and up to 3,000 snowflakes onscreen simultaneously, the title is sure to be a graphical feast. Warp's goal is to make the game as realistic as possible, and so far it looks as if they are going to succeed in that task.

Enjoy these pictures and get prepared for the release on November 20th.

Updated: July 10, 1998

Special thanks to Hardcore Gaming's Sega-Holic for these shots. I'd like to note a few things about them:

-Notice the realism in the close-up of the face. It really does look like real-time FMV.
-The detail level of the snowmobile itself is very high.
-Tracks are left in the snow, as evidenced by many of the shots.
-As the sun sets, it casts an orange glow on the surroundings... beautiful.
-The battles are absolutely gory! What is this, House of the Dead?

Keep in mind that all of these are gameplay screen-shots, none of them are FMV.


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