Publisher: Nigma
Developer: Unknown
Genre: 3D Combat
Release: Unkown

Discs of Tron was an excellent game back in its day. A simple concept that worked well, and provided hours of enjoyment. It seems that all too often in this day and age, game makers have forgotten that concept. Nigma hasn't forgotten.

Bring in Drones. A concept as pure and simple as the fighting genre itself. Easy to pick up, easy to play, impossible to master. You and your enemy are each on platforms separated by an impassable gap. You throw discs back and forth, attempting to throw your competitor from their platform and thus win the battle.

Sounds simple? Well it is, but not quite as much so as you would expect. You see, the platforms are in a small room. And the discs are reflected from the walls. Not only that, but some of the levels have obstacles, such as pillars that move about throwing off your aim by reflecting your weapons in ways that you didn't expect.

The shots we bring you are from the PC game, but the Dreamcast port is on its way and is expected to look very much identical to what you see here. There will be no split-screen mode, because the developers feel it would take away from the game. Instead it will likely support the DC modem.