Publisher: Unkown
Developer: Piranha Bytes
Genre: 3D RPG
Release: Unkown

This game, according to its developers, is a 3D-Realtime-Fantasy-Roleplaying-Game. Try saying that five times fast. :) The reason they chose this "genre" is because they have "a unique fantasy scenario with magic and monsters and so on, we have a main character with attributes and skills and the chance to develop all personal features, everything, even combat happens in realtime and the whole world is 3-dimensional" so there was no other genre it would fit in.

Unlike other RPGs though, your achievements in this game are not displayed by numbers. Instead, all of your achievements are visualized by animations and graphical effects.

Will it make it to DC? The designers have shown interest in porting it a console... which one, that is left to be seen.