Harley Davidson: LA Riders

Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sega
Genre: Racing
Release: Unkown

Harley Davidson and LA Riders is a new Model 3 game from Sega's arcade division. It places the player on a Harley Davidson and lets you race through some of the most realistic environments ever seen in an arcade game. It really looks like you're riding a motorcycle through downtown Los Angeles.

There are 3 bikers to choose from with varying control and speed. You race through LA avoiding traffic while trying to make it to the next checkpoint in the least amount of time. There are multiple camera views to choose from as well as a choice of manual or automatic transmission.

Harley Davidson is quite an experience to play since it is so completely immersive. It's you, and your Harley racing through LA at breakneck speeds with the sounds of the city surrounding you. How well this experience could translate to the home isn't certain, but even without the feel of the bike and huge surround sound, it's still a fun racer. It would be welcome in the Dreamcast line-up.