Climax Landers

Publisher: Sega
Developer: Climax
Genre: RPG
Release: Winter '98 (Japan)

This title is set to be an amazing first generation Dreamcast RPG. As you can see from the screens, it is completely 3D and gorgeous. Imagine the Shining Force 3 battle scenes throughout an entire game, and then magnify the detail by 10-20 times. To all naysayers, be sure to notice the real-time shadows. Dreamcast can do them, even if sonic Team chose not to.

Climax will be going for something not so new, but never done well - randomly generated levels. If they can pull this off, and do it correctly, it could make for a very replayable RPG. That is a feeling I haven't felt in quite some time now - the desire to play and replay an RPG. Added to that, there is VMS compatibility. You will be able to store data on monsters from the game and raise them on your VMS. Perhaps you can then upload them to give yourself new enemies to fight?

I'll close by giving you a good look at each of the main characters in the game because I personally think the character design from Yoshitaka Tamaki is splendid. If you've played any of Climax's previous titles, you may even recognize some people.

The Cast

The Guys
Sword seems to be the one Climax is hyping as the "lead" character. He looks almost vampirish yet looks very much like your typical knight hero. Ryle you know if you're much of a Climax fan. He was the lead in Landstalker. If this story follows his original story then he is a treasure hunter extrodanaire. And finally we have Rao, the wolfman. Pure strength, but unlike most, he is equipped with an assortment of weapons.

The Girls
Lady is the "bad girl" of the bunch, armed with a whip and clothed in skin tight leather, it's pretty obvious. Marlin is the more brainy wizard character. Most likely she's the one you'll call on when you're down and out. Marion is quite obviously a marionette, as evidenced by the strings and controls attached to her.

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