Lost World Arcade

Publisher: Sega
Developer: AM3
Genre: Shooter
Release: Unkown

The Lost World arcade game is something to behold. With Model 3 graphics, full 3D digital sound, moving seats, and a pitch dark environments. The graphics will blow your socks off as giant dinosaurs streak past you with amazing speed. You may even confuse these dinos with the CGI images of the movie, they're so real. The sound screams at you from all directions and can literally make you jump out of your seat. The gameplay is the classic Sega shooter, but with a few twists. You still have the standard shoot/reload gameplay, but now you actually have a purpose. You have to race against time, as your quickness can affect the outcome of the game. The Lost World features branching, but not as you know it. Instead of choosing your path, it is based on your actions. If you fail to shoot an object out of your path, you may crash into it, and the game will take an unexpected turn. This game is like no other and truly must be experienced.

While this game hasn't been confirmed for the Dreamcast, it will likely make an appearance. Hopefully Sega can bring the experience home with 3D sound (if you're lucky enough to have it), guns, and possibly a rumble pack to feel the ground shake as a T-Rex bares it's teeth and let's out a scream that'll blow your hat off.