Publisher: Unkown (Possibly Playmates Interactive)
Developer: Shiny
Genre: 3D Adventure
Release: Unkown

Messiah is a revolutionary game possibly coming to the Dreamcast from Shiny Entertainment. It is described by Shiny as a third person action/adventure/puzzle game.

In the game the player takes the role of Bob, a cherub sent to stop the forces of evil that are trying to break the seven seals of the Apocalypse. Bob has the ability to possess any of his enemies and utilize their abilities. There are 25 different characters that Bob can take over each with unique abilities that may come in handy in different parts of the game.

Messiah is considered revolutionary not just because of its unique gameplay, but also because of the many new technical feats it achieves. Some of these include:

- 3D models with 500 times more polygons than last year's best games.

- Characters that have real skin that stretches over their bones as opposed the flat look previous polygonal models have had.

- Volumetric lighting that slowly engulfs characters in shadow, real time shadows and light-sourcing that give environments realistic spatial awareness.

- Motion captured animation including the first ever motion-captured dwarf.

- Mature themes as well as decapitations and amputations.

- Music from the band Fear Factory

- The highest texture resolution ever obtained in a real-time 3D environment.

Messiah looks incredible and the gameplay continues the trend of originality that Shiny has always prided itself on. The only console system that could do the game justice is the Dreamcast, so expect it to reach DC soon after the system is released.