Motor Raid

Publisher: Sega
Developer: AM1
Genre: Combat/Racing
Release: Unkown

Simply stunning. That's about all there is to say about this game. It's amazing in every comprehensable way. From the graphics to sound, control to fun, it's just absolutely great. If you get a chance to play this game, do it immediately.

Imagine riding through a futuristic landscape on a blazingly fast motorbike. Now imagine that you are armed with a weapon. Perhaps some form of staff or dual blades. And then imagine that you are in a race and allowed to use any means needed to win. Now you know the concept of Motor Raid.

This is *the* combat/racer to play. In my mind, there is no other. It provides you with an excellent feel of speed, beautiful visuals, and superb control. The tracks are full of hills and dips, twists and turns, gorgeous scenery, beautiful lighting and textures, and lots of opportunities to beat someone in the face with a big stick. :)

Now take a look at the screen shots to the right and just imagine playing an arcade perfect version of the game at home, right along with with full supports for on-line multiplayer gaming. *cue draw dropping and extreme drooling*