Mercurius Pretty

Publisher: NEC
Developer: NEC Interchannel
Genre: Simulator
Release: Unkown

Mercurius Pretty is one of the 2 titles that NEC Interchannel is currently working on for the Dreamcast, the other being Monster Breed. It is a port of a PC game that was originally released in Japan five years ago. It features a simulation style gameplay that has you breeding fairies, and is based on the concepts of alchemy.

The game involves you receiving a seed from the master alchemist, which you must then breed in an incubator. There are 10 different endings to the game depending on your actions and some endings may take up to two months to reach. You may end up with a human-like fairy or some kind of cute animal.

The Dreamcast version of the game will have many more options and vastly improved graphics and animation. The game will show off the Dreamcast's 2D capabilities and run in a high resolution with 16 million colors.

There is no confirmed release date and the game is about 30% complete. It is doubtful that this game will reach North America since simulation games have almost no following over here.