Street Fighter 3: Second Impact

Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Genre: 2D Fighter
Release: Unkown

One of the probable launch titles for the Dreamcast will be Street Fighter 3: Second Impact from Capcom. It will likely be a launch title for two reasons. One, Capcom of Japan and Sega of Japan are have an extremely good relationship with each other. Two, the Dreamcast is the only console system that will be able to handle an arcade perfect port of this 2D monster of a game. The Saturn would have required an even bigger RAM upgrade to handle the first incarnation of Street Fighter 3. But the Dreamcast's 16 Megs of main RAM combined with its powerful graphics engine can handle the upgrade with ease.

Second Impact is an updated version of the third (finally) installment of the ever popular Street Fighter franchise. Why an update so soon? Well, it was really needed. While Street Fighter 3 was vastly superior to any other 2D fighter in the arcades, the sheer amount of animation led to telegraphed moves and seemingly sluggish gameplay. Also, the characters were poorly balanced and only Ken and Ryu returned from the earlier games. If you weren't a fan of those two you were left feeling a little disappointed despite the excellent designs of the new characters. Second Impact solves all of those problems. It speeds things up, and balances the characters much better.

Street Fighter 3: Second Impact is the most fun I've had with a Street Fighter game since Street Fighter 2 Turbo. The deep and intuitive gameplay is back and I can't wait to play a perfect version of this game in my own home. And maybe we'll even be able to kick ass the world over with the Dreamcast's built in modem.