Shogo: MAD

Publisher: Monolith
Developer: Monolith
Genre: First Person Shooter
Release: Unkown

Shogo: Mobile Armor Division is sure to be a treat to all of those first-person shooter fans that are lusting for that special feel only an anime film that's filled with huge mechs and tons of laser-fire can give you. That's right, you get a real storyline, real robots and mechanical super suites, and tons of mass destruction.

There is plenty of cool anime style artwork for your character and the entire supporting cast. Not only that, but the story is entirely played out via voice acting. You've never quite seen a corridor shooter like this before.

And did I mention the mechs? Oh yeah, of course I did. You get your choice of 4 to romp around in, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. And these aren't weak things, we're talking huge 30 foot monsters. Not only that, but they can transform in to vehicles. Ohhh yeah.

It doesn't stop there, though. How could we forget the action that takes place outside of the mech. Yes, some levels take place on foot, but you have your special suite, full of the kinds of goodies you would expect.

These shots are taken from the PC version of the game, but as with Blood 2 the game runs on the LithTech engine which is being ported to Dreamcast.