Publisher: SegaSoft
Developer: SegaSoft
Genre: Online Adventure
Release: Unkown

Skies is one of the possible PC/DC cross-platform titles from SegaSoft. The game allows for multiple users to interact in a world that is continually evolving. The story centers around a world of magic, a realm of fantasy. Demons, dragons, angels, fairies... they will all be creatures you might meet up with and befriend (or possibly attack) while you travel the world of Menigar.

As you can see from the screen shots (taken from the PC version of the game) to the right, the game looks beautiful. Wait till you see it in action. When I saw it at E3 I was literally amazed. Watching the wings flap on the dark angel character was so amazing. Strange that something so simple could be so awe-inspiring, but it was because the animation was just how you would see it if you took the time to imagine what it should look it.

Will Skies make it to Dreamcast? That's still up in the air. But if it does, you can be guaranteed that I'll be one of the first running out to buy the game.