Publisher: GT Interactive
Developer: Epic Megagames
Genre: 3D Action/Adventure
Release: Unkown

Although it is yet to be officially announced, we all know it's coming. Considering that the game has already been optimized for the PowerVR technology, why wouldn't they spend the 2 weeks or so to port the game to the Dreamcast? This industry is all about making money, and I'm sure Epic sees the ease in which they could gain even more from this excellent title. That's great for us, because it means we get to play what will likely end up being a version of the game superior to what we have on the PC.

The pictures to the right are running off of the unfinished .35 micron PowerVR2 chipset which is said to only use around 66% of the power of the finalized version. For isntance, it is quite obvious that full screen anti-aliasing was not in place at the time. However, you can still gaze in awe at the beautiful light sourcing and sheer grandure of this title.

I can say for experience that this title surpasses Quake 2 in nearly every possible way. From the obvious advancements in graphical flair, right down to the very last detail of the gameplay. Given the on-line capabilites of the Dreamcast, we will all be able to play in huge multi-player matches, which are the bread and butter of any great first person shooter. Trust me when I say it, this game is wonderful.