Virtua Fighter 3

Publisher: Sega
Developer: AM2
Genre: 3D Fighter
Release: Unkown

One of the launch games for the new Dreamcast system will almost certainly be the graphical and gameplay tour-de-force known as Virtua Fighter 3. A game with unparalleled graphic beauty and gameplay depth that all other 3D fighters have been one step behind since inception of the series. Virtua Fighter 3 is the first Virtua Fighter game to run on the impressive Model 3-arcade board. A board that is capable of 1 million polygons per second at a high resolution, 16 million colored textures and a ton of effects. A board that is vastly beyond anything else in the arcades but seems almost weak in comparison to the power of the Dreamcast. A perfect arcade port is a guarantee, but we will likely see a superior version on the Dreamcast.

The Virtua Fighter series is extremely popular in Japanese arcades. This game alone can guarantee a successful Japanese launch. Unfortunately, this series has not reached those heights of popularity outside of Japan. But VF3 can very easily change that fact. Not only does it expand upon the depth of gameplay of the previous games; it is one of the most beautiful games ever created. The character models are incredibly detailed and realistic. They are as good or better than the best CG FMV on the current systems is. Incredible textures provide realistic clothing and skin, and seeing the game in action is jaw dropping.

Even more impressive than the character models are the 3D backgrounds that are loaded with movement and incredible scenery. There is also a lot of variety in the stages with some open for ring outs, and others closed in like the Fighting Vipers games. And many of them have uneven playing fields, which presents a whole new set of strategies for fighting opponents on a higher or lower level than you.

All the characters from the second game, as well as the boss Dural, have returned. And there are two new characters, the beautiful Aoi and the sumo Takaarashi. Expect one or two new characters, new costumes and backgrounds, and a ton of other surprises like Team Battle mode for the Dreamcast version. Virtua Fighter 3 is a game that will make the Dreamcast a must buy for any fighting game fan.