Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram

Publisher: Sega
Developer: AM3
Genre: 3D Mech Combat
Release: Unkown

Virtual On 2: Oratorio Tangram is the latest Sega arcade series to receive a Model 3 overhaul. The original was a great game with easy to get into yet hard to master gameplay. It set off a flood of mech combat games after its release on the Saturn.

The sequel has been given a major facelift and looks absolutely incredible. The 12 Virtualoids are extremely detailed and the environments are incredible looking and highly interactive. Environments now feature multiple levels of play as well as a new underwater arena.

The gameplay hasn't changed much, only gaining more depth for intense Virtual On fanatics. It is still easy enough for anyone to play and enjoy it. But for the masters there are new guard moves, air dash techniques and throws.

The original Virtual On made Mech combat fun and spawned numerous imitators. Look for the sequel to continue to set the standards and add intense mech combat to the Dreamcast line-up.