Zombie Zone

Publisher: Sega of Japan
Developer: Sega of Japan
Genre: Action

Running on the now-famous Naomi board, this side-story to the popular House of the Dead blast-fest is coming soon to a Japanese arcades everywhere. As all Sega faithful know, Naomi-based games are suited for an easy transition to the Dreamcast hardware with little difficulty.

Zombie Zone can best be described as a mix between the conventional rail-shooter, meets Resident Evil-type adventure we have all grown accustomed to. Formerly known as Blood Bullet: House of the Dead Gaiden, ZZ will allow you to kick, punch, and blast your way through waves of gruesome adversaries. So finite is the detail, that you can actually target individual limbs of your opponents and cripple them Spanish Inquisition style before taking them out.

While little else is known about the game (except that it's less than 50% complete, and has a pretty lame title), one thing is certain; The obvious visual appeal and high-quality action that is associated with House of the Dead, makes a port to the DC sometime in late '99 more than likely. Stay tuned...