Naomi Shots
10:30 pm EDT 09/30/98 Seth C
This picture came from Sega Holic and it is of two future Naomi titles. The one on the left is almost certainly Power Stone from Capcom. On the right is a racing title from AM3 which looks absolutely stunning.

DC Game Confirmation
10:30 pm EDT 09/30/98 Seth C
Sega X has a load of titles that they "confirmed". Not to say I don't think these games are for real, but I've heard nothing close to confirmation for any of them so proceed with caution. Anyway, here goes with the list of titles: Three sports games, including baseball and soccer sims, and a golf title; Evolution, which is an RPG from Sega, ESP, and Sting; Climax Landers from Sega and… you guessed it, Climax; Also there are your obligatory Japanese horse racing and mahjong titles in the list.

Bits & Pieces
10:30 pm EDT 09/30/98 Seth C
-A German developer called Kainai has apparently announced their plans to develop for the Dreamcast. No game titles or other information was given.

-No Cliché released a screenshot of their first Dreamcast game, Gutherman… sort of. It's incredibly pixelated and only serves to peak interest for the game. After this and the Metropolis "bunny" screen, I'm beginning to wonder if this is some form of sick British humor.

-There will be at least two version of the Dreamcast when it's launched. One is the Japanese version with complete Japanese instruction manual running at 100v. The second is for other Asian markets and includes an English manual and box and runs at 110v.

-Capcom, among many other companies, will supposedly announce it's official support of the Dreamcast, along with a Resident Evil announcement, on October 6.

-NCS should be able to confirm the launch price for the Dreamcast within a week, which is when we'll know how much an import system will cost.

DC Extreme Digital Magazine - Online Edition - 6:00 am EDT
Seth C
As promised, here is the first issue of DC Extreme Digital Magazine in it's online form. Keep in mind you will get more of the effect of the mag if you download the zip file, but if you can't for various reasons, this is the version for you to get. all in all, it's not so bad, even on a 28.8 connection.

Namco Says No to Dreamcast? - 5:25 am EDT
Seth C
According to Gamepot UK, current rumors suggest that Namco has ruled out Dreamcast in favor of... Nintendo? This seems quite odd to me. The report says that Namco programmers didn't have time to get use to DC dev. kits (or didn't bother trying to.. you decide) but are familiar N64 and will port their newer arcade titles to it until the PSX2 releases. I suppose we'll have to wait and see if any of this actually comes to fruition.

A Working Forum - 5:00 am EDT
Seth C
A special thanks to nando from DreamcastHQ from getting us a temproary forum up and working. We'll be using this one until I can get another one up and running on our server.. which shouldn't take too long. In the meantime, resume posting as usual!

Forum Troubles - 11:55 pm EDT
Seth C
Yes, we are aware that the forum is completely and totally screwed up. One poster suggested it was merely a misplaced ">" and I honestly can say I wish that were the problem. We tried everything, including deleting the old files and reuploading an older set, but still it doesn't work. I'll be working on it all night I'm sure... hopefully the bloody thing will work if I beat it enough. Sorry for the inconvience. You can still post to the forum, but don't expect any replies...

Sega Selects TrueMotion - 11:40 pm EDT
Seth C
The Duck Corporation today announced that Sega has chosen their TrueMotion video compression algorithms and software for use in the Dreamcast. TrueMotion was the video compression Sega used later in the Saturn's life, replacing CinePak. This was the time when Saturn's video quality received a large improvement, so with the Dreamcast's incredible cpu, great sound, and now wonderful video compression, we can expect picture perfect movie quality from DC titles.

Mogu Rapper - 11:40 pm EDT
Seth C
Mogu Rapper is Sega's answer to Parappa the Rapper. The computer plays a tune and then you try to match it by pressing variouns buttons on the arcade unit. There are varying reports on this game, most of them claim it runs on the Naomi hardware. This would make a Dreamcast port very likely.
Source: Magic Box

DC Extreme Digital Magazine!! - 9:15 pm EDT
Seth C
Yes, we are updating very late today, but there is a good reason... we were finishing up DC Extreme Digital Magazine! You can click on the cover to the left to download the magazine as a zip file. Simply unzip it to the folder of your choice and then open cover.HTML's that simple! The magazine will be available to view online later tonight for all who simply don't want to download the zip or for those who can't (such as Netlinkers). Trust me on this one though, it's worth waiting for the initial download to avoid having to wait for each graphic to load later on... so if you can view it via download, do so!

I'd like to thank all those who helped make this magzine, the first true digizine, possible. Of course both Crafter and EsquE from this very site had a hand in it's production, but there are also quite a few from other sites, such as: Steve Thomason and Ashton Lazarus of GameNET, and Amer Ajami of Dreamcaster and Sharky Extreme.

I hope you all enjoy the magazine completely, as I know it's been a blast putting it together. Please e-mail if you have any question or comments.

Don't Believe Everything You Hear - 8:25 pm EDT
Seth C
As I mentioned when the rumors of PSX2 in April first hit, I'm not so sure they are accurate. In fact, I'm still not... especially after talking to a few of my sources. The people I talked to definitely would know what was going on, yet they claimed this was nothing but rubbish. I won't say they couldn't be wrong… the PSX2 may very well come. But I will say that if it does, Sony is beginning the life of their new system by stabbing themselves in the foot.

Dynamite Baseball '98 - 8:25 pm EDT
Seth C
These two shots are from one of the many Naomi titles in the works. Will this game be ported to the Dreamcast and become World Series Baseball on these shores, or will Sega of America program a completely new title for us? That hasn't been announced yet. But if baseball on Dreamcast looks this good… I can't wait.
Image Source: GameSpot

Naomi Developer List - 8:25 pm EDT
Seth C
Treasure: The Shooter gods... they are working on an unnamed titles but you can just about bet it's a shooter… what else could it be?
Videosystem: They are working on F1 World Grand Prix for Dreamcast and it will be coming to Naomi as well.
Sammy: It is unkown what game they are working on.
Raizing: The developers of Bloody Roar, a game that I enjoyed quite a bit. Once again, the title they are working on is unknown at this time.
Cave: They are working on a 3D shooter/race title. Another shooter may be a possibility, designed one of the other Naomi cabinets.
Jaleco: Nothing has been announced, but I'm going to guess it'll be a racing game.
Psikyo: No game has been announced.
Tecmo: They are working on Dead or Alive 2 and you can expect to see the most realistic bouncing breasts ever seen in a video game!
Capcom: They are working on a 3D fighter called Power Stone which looks quite a bit like Tobal.
Source: GameSpot

Digizine Delay - 5:45 pm EDT
Seth C
If Sega can delay the Dreamcast then we can delay our digital magazine, right? Okay I thought so. Seriously though, our PC columnist is out of town until late Friday so it would be pretty much impossible to launch tomorrow. Would you rather wait a few extra days or have to settle for the magazine with no PC section?

I will take this time to give you a few more details about the magazine, though. Some seem to be confused over just what this "digital magazine thingy" is all about. First, it won't be a replacement for the current DCX site. It's simply a supplement to the site. There will be a HUGE Sonic feature in the first issue, along with Dreamcast previews, music and anime reviews, and the good on all of the latest PC 3D accelerators. Come back Monday to see what all the hype is about.

PSX2? I'm Not So Sure... - 5:45 pm EDT
Seth C
Game-Online reported today that Sony's PSX2 is well into development and will be released in Japan around April '99. This comes as a bit of a surprise because it directly contradicts most of what I've heard from my sources. Trust me, I'm not the only person who doubts this report is 100% accurate, but I suppose we shall see. If Sony does indeed launch it's new system around the reported time of April '99, then they will be relying completely on it's ability to play PSX games. This isn't a smart move when you consider that almost everyone in Japan owns a PSX and won't get a PSX2 until something NEW that they simply must have comes out.

Kenji Eno is Impressed - 5:45 pm EDT
Seth C
Apparently, in a recent interview with Next Generation, Kenji Eno discussed the ease of developing titles for the Dreamcast. This comes as a bit of a surprise to me, because it is distinctly different than what he told me personally when I spoke with him at E3 back in May. Perhaps due to the tools coming of age he has changed his mind. We can only hope so.
Source: Dimension S

News Shorts - 5:45 pm EDT
Seth C
-Sega of Japan has made the one week delay official by announcing it on their site. I personally think this is the right thing to do, one week late isn't such a price to pay to make sure everything about the launch goes perfectly.

-Sega also announced what would be shown at TGS concerning Dreamcast. VF3tb, Sega Rally 2, Sonic Adventure, July, Blue Stinger, and Godzilla Generations will all be there. There will also be tons of third party titles at the show.

-According to Magic Box, UEP Systems, the designers of the original Cool Boarders for the PlayStation, have switched development to the Dreamcast.

It Seems King of Fighters is First - 4:00 pm EST
Seth C
We've known now for ages that SNK and Sega were working together closely. Apparently, in this week's Sega Saturn Magazine they have made their relationship official and announced that their first tiles will be a King of Fighters game of some sort. Personally, Metal Slug 2 is the game I'm waiting on (and when are they going to get it at an arcade around here?!).
Source: Gaming Age

News Shorts - 4:00 pm EST
Seth C
-According to a spokesperson from Confounding Factor, their first title, Galleon, is 95% certain to make it to the Dreamcast. Confounding Factor is comprised of some of the original talents behind tomb Raider.

-Incoming will be shown at TGS and is supposedly quite far in development. Currently running at 50-60 frames per second, there are rumors that it may make it for the launch.

-According to Epic's VP of marketing, Unreal will be done sometime next year, which should easily be in time for the US launch.

Sources: FGN and Epic

If You Ever Had Any Doubts... - 4:00 pm EST
Seth C
This should definitely stop any doubt you might have about IGN being at all trustworthy. In Next-Generation Online's news update yesterday, they claimed to have pictures of House of the Dead 2 for Naomi, but what did they actually have shots from? The original Model 2 House of the Dead. Quite a mistake if I do say so myself.

Want a Free Dreamcast? - 4:45 pm EST
Seth C
After much begging and pleading, Matt over at SegaX convinced me to announce their new contest. You see, they will be giving away TWO Dreamcast units to the lucky winners, who will also get one game of their choosing. Sounds pretty cool, right? Okay then, head over there and enter the contest!

Konami Squashes Rumors - 4:25 pm EST
Seth C
Konami recently denied that Metal Gear Solid is in the works for the Dreamcast, contrary to many reports that claim otherwise. Does this mean it isn't coming? No, not really. If Konami were to let people know it was coming to Dreamcast, quite a few would wait and hold off on buying the PSX version. They want as many copies of the PSX version to sell as possible, then they'll anounce the DC version, if it's coming.
Source: Gaming Age

Sonic Team Has Updated - 3:25 pm EST
Seth C
Sonic Team has updated their site with some new images of Sonic Adventure, among other things. They also have a CD for sale with the best of the music rom their games. Check out their site for the new images, or sit tight and we'll have them right here for you in just a bit.

Ubisoft Brings Two More - 2:55 pm EST
Seth C
We already knew Ubisoft would be bringing Rayman 2 and their F1 racing simulation to the Dreamcast. Now they have announced two more PC titles that will be ported. Speed Busters and D-Jump. Speed Buster should arrive shortly after Rayman 2 and the F1 racer, and then D-Jump will follow after that.
Source: FGN

Dreamcast Delayed - 2:40 pm EST
Seth C
The guys over at HardcoreGaming are telling me that the Dreamcast has been delayed. Although Sega of Japan's page still says the releases date is November 20, it was reported by a news site in Japan that it will be delayed. The reason? SH-4 production is going slowly and they want to be sure that their are enough systems to meet demand at launch. Before you start going insane though, don't worry... the new launch date is only 1 week later, November 27.

European Launch Date? - 10:45 pm EST
Seth C
Well folks, it looks like this is it. No Cliche, one of the European "1.5 Developers" now has a countdown for the European launch. What date does it run out, you may ask? September 1, 1999. Keep in mind that the US and European launched are suppose to be simultaneous.

The Dreamcast Launch - 10:35 pm EST
While Sega has tried to keep a tight lid on things concerning the DC and its launch, information from retailers who must have information months in advance has begun to leak.

It has been reported that two different versions of the system will be available. One will have a complete English manual and box for asian markets like Hong Kong, and one with a completely Japanese manual and box. It is rumored that the modem will be optional and sold seperately for approximately 28 US dollars. Other peripherals include an RGB Scart cable and a cable for PC monitors, extra controllers for 36 US dollars and a VMS without game.

The system is expected to retail for 20,800 yen or approximately 160 dollars US depending on the conversion rate at launch.

Source: Seganet

JAMMA 98 - 10:35 pm EST
Seganet has posted a ton of new pics from Sega's booth at this year's JAMMA show in Japan. Sega and its Naomi board dominated the show with 20 developers already onboard to use the new hardware.

Games shown include Dynamite Baseball 98 by one of the AM teams, Capcom's Power Stone, House of the Dead 2, DoA 2 and they also show VMS units attached to an arcade cabinet.

DC Release Titles - 10:20 pm EST
Seth C
Who will be the first to know what games will be available for the Dreamcast launch? The retailers, of course! And now that they know, we do, too. Wanna know the lineup? Of course you do. So here they are in no particular order:

Virtua Fighter 3tb
Seventh Cross
Sega Rally 2
Pen Pen Tri-ice-alon
Sonic Adventure

Is it just me or do three of those titles alone make this one of the strongest launch line-ups ever? Just imagine, the godlike Sonic Adventure, along with arcade perfect VF3 and SR2?! You gotta be kidding me, this is incredible. Keep in mind that this info could change at anytime (if a bug in one of the games pops up, for example) and many more titles could be added to the list as the launch grows closer.

VF3tb and Sega Rally 2 Details - 10:00 pm EST
Seth C
In all of the information that came through at the end of last week, somehow we managed to forget to mention the details on VF3tb and Sega Rally 2 that Sega of Japan released. How? I don't know, blame it on esqE, he did the news that day. :) Anyway, we'll give you the goods now.

Virtua Fighter 3 tb is coming but with very little enhancements. There will be 12 characters and 13 stages, exactly like the arcade version. Also, no modrm play was mentioned and Model 3 perfection was stressed.

Sega Rally 2 is coming with a plethora of enhancements. There will be 10 courses and more than 10 cars compared to 4 tracks and 6 cars in the arcade. Also, Sega decided to bless us with modem play... excellent!

New Sonic Movie! - 7:55 pm EST
Seth C
Sega made us remove the previous movie, now let's see if they do it again. :) This movie was included on a CD that came with a gaming magazine from Hong Kong so it isn't some sort of bootleg filmed with a handcam. If Sega wants this removed, they'll have to call me personally. :) Anyway, our good friends over at LunarNET supplied us with this video and is it ever sweet. Not only is it larger and clearer than previous clips, but there is some footage you simply haven't seen elsewhere. To put it bluntly, you must download this thing! The file is large (over 7 megs) but it's worth it.

Return of the Dead - 11:50 pm EST
Sega must really like us. Rather than just one sequel to one of the coolest light gun games ever made, they're giving us two.

House of the Dead 2 will be on the newly unveiled Naomi arcade board and will follow the same themes as the original. Expect some serious zombie shooting action with beautiful visuals. No story details or character information has been released but the graphics are leaps and bounds beyond the original as revealed by the screenshots.

The other House of the Dead game AM1 is working on is Blood Bullet: House of the Dead Side Story. It is a free roaming 3D action adventure game in which you control a male or female character alone or in tandem with another player. It is kind of a mix of House of the Dead's intense action and Resident Evil's 3D exploration. You will be able to use a mutitude of weapons as well as hand-to-hand combat to take out the armies of the undead.

Both games are on the Naomi arcade board which will allow for an easy conversion to the Dreamcast, but no home version has been confirmed.

DoA 2 Looking Good - 11:50 pm EST
Tecmo has released a bunch of screenshots of DoA 2 running on the Naomi arcade board on their homepage. It goes without saying that the game looks fabulous, just look at the screenshots yourself. The character shots are fantastic and look better than most current high quality FMV. The arenas are extremely detailed and appear to have multiple levels for combat. It appears to use the same button layout as the original so expect the same fast and intuitive gameplay that the original was noted for. As it is running on the Naomi board and considering the success of the original, a Dreamcast port is inevitable.

Sega Retail Meeting Images - 11:50 pm EST
Seganet has posted a bunch of screenshots from Sega's retail meeting to discuss the Dreamcast's launch in North America. Games that were shown include the previously talked about football and basketball titles from Visual Concepts. While the pics are poor quality and the games are only 15% complete they still look incredible. 60 FPS, hi-res, texture mapped character models, reflections and incredible lighting effects. The players are huge and look to be made up of thoufsands of polygons each.

Also shown was the 3D shooter from Sega of America first seen way back when the system was first announced. It is now 45% complete and looking better and better. Expect it to be a launch title along woth both sport's games when the DC launches over here.

US and European Launch Dates and Daytona Delays - 11:50 pm EST
Sega X is reporting that they have learned from a reliable source close to Sega that the Dreamcast will launch in Europe and North America simultaneously on September 1st, 1999. There has been no official word from Sega but this does fall in line with the previously predicted time-frame for the system.

Sega X is also reporting that Daytona 2 for the DC may be delayed until a spring release in Japan. The game is expected to have all the tracks from the original Daytona as well as extra cars and tracks exclusive to the DC version. Nothing is officially confirmed but it is very likely.

As I Feared... - 2:45 am EST
Seth C
My fears have apparently come true. There is a VERY good chance that the pictures of Sega Rally 2 and VF3 are from the arcade versions. Yes, it seems VERY odd that they would be of such poor quality if they were simply arcade shots. But, some of the guys over at HardcoreGaming who have the issue of SSM that those pics came from say they are indeed arcade screens. Tomorrow we should know for sure though.. so stay tuned till then.

Naomi Screens - 11:50 pm EST
Seth C
These first two screens are from "Power Stone" by Capcom. Notice the striking resemblance to the Tobal series of games? Even the title screen uses the same style as Tobal! I'm not sure if Dream Factory has moved on to Capcom or what.. but if they haven't then we definately know what audience Capcom is trying to get to with this game.

The other two games you see are both House of the Dead, but not the same game. The one on the left is Blood Bath, the House of the dead side game. The one on the right is House of the Dead 2.

Finally, we have the breast bouncing extravaganva... we all know and love it, it's Dead or Alive 2. Just take a look at that image and drool... amazing, that's all that can be said. I won't even try to give words to it when only seeing it really does it justice.

By the way, all of these images came from this site. We didn't get them, nor will we resize them, slap our logo on them, and try to claim them as our own. Be sure to check out that page because there are tons more images there.

VF3 and Rally 2 Shots! - 9:00 pm EST
Seth C
I want to get these up as quickly as possible, so I'm going to cut short the talking. Let's just say these screens came from Gamespot and are of Virtua Fighter 3 Team Battle and Sega Rally 2 running on the Dreamcast. Even though the games are not at all complete, they are already comparable to the arcade... amazing.

Coming to an Arcade Near You - 8:30 pm EST
Seth C
According to one of the attendee's of the JAMMA show, there were several games on show running on the Naomi hardware. One of those was, as you might have guess, House of the Dead 2. The other two were Dead or Alive 2 and a 3D fighter from Capcom entitles PowerStone. We are all hoping that screen-shots will soon surface.
Source: Dimension S

VideoLogic and Sega Make Naomi Official - 8:30 pm EST
Seth C

We all knew that Sega had Naomi coming, but today both VideoLogic and Sega of Japan made the news official. The timing is just perfect to go along with the JAMMA arcade show which is currently being held in Japan. Quite a few interesting bits of info were in the press releases. The first being that the system will be available this November (perfect timing, eh?) in Japan... and sometime next year for the other parts of the world. The first game for the hardware? House of the Dead 2. Joining it shortly after will be Dynamite Baseball 98 and Blood Bullet: The House of the Dead Side Story. Blood Bullet will be more of horror game than a shooter. Perhaps a joint effort between Sega and Capcom? The companies have quite a few things planned for this board, including full VMS support through it's entire lineup of games. They also have big expectations - over 500 thousand units are expected to ship worldwide. The only noticable difference between Naomi and Dreamcast would be an increase of RAM - from 16 megs main ram and 8 megs video ram up to 32/16.

Real-time Strategy Comes to Dreamcast - 8:30 pm EST
Seth C
Warzone 2100 is a new real-time strategy game in the works from a company called Pumpkin. And guess what? It's coming to Dreamcast. The company promises many new innovations for the genre, but lets be honest... don't they all? We'll have to wait and see just how good the finished product turns out to be.
Source: FGN and Dimension S

Something Very Big is Coming - 5:30 pm EST
Seth C
Next week, something monumental will be coming your way from Dreamcast Extreme. What is it, you might ask? Well, it's "DC Extreme Digital Magazine" and it's the world's first *true* digizine. It will be released monthly, and available for view online or downloaded as a zip file and viewed offline. Expect the first issue to be packed full of the best Dreamcast content, including a huge Sonic story and preview of the hottest new DC games. But it doesn't stop there, we'll also be bringing you music reviews and the latest word on what's going on in the PC industry. On top of all that, there will be reviews of the newest anime films. So don't forget to join us next week!

How Cool is EGG? - 5:30 pm EST
Seth C
The first time I saw the game, I do have to admit it didn't look that great, but Elemental Gimmick Gear actually looks at least half-way decent now. You should check out this article at SegaNet for tons of pics from the game.

Do You Like Golf? - 5:30 pm EST
Seth C
If so, this news should delight you. Apparently there is a golf game in the works for the Dreamcast. It's being developed by DataEast and more information should be turning up shortly. Good thing I'm better at digitized golf than I am the real thing...
Source: Gaming Age

Metal Gear Rumors - 5:30 pm EST
Seth C
-Probably the biggest rumor of the day is that Metal Gear Solid is already being ported to DC. This one comes from IGNDC, but actually has a good chance of being true. I have my doubts about the game being a launch title, however.
-IGNDC also seems to think that Konami has another Metal Gear title in the works for the Dreamcast. If both of these rumors turn out to be true, Konami is awfully busy right now....

Sega Rally 2 and VF3 Confirmed - 5:30 pm EST
Seth C
Trust me, this isn't any of that IGN style confirmation. Sega Saturn Magazine has announced that both VF3 Team Battle and Sega Rally 2 are underway for the Dreamcast. SSM is officially sanctioned by Sega, so it's pretty much as official as if Sega Visions announced something here. Wonder what all those sites who claimed VF3 wouldn't make it to DC have to say for themselves now? They also saw that Rally 2 is 65% complete and that a Dreamcast steering wheel is in the works.
Source: Dimension S

Slowdown - 10:30 pm EST
Seth C
Sadly, I'm facing a bit of a personal struggle right now, so I can't really handle working on this site 24/7 for a bit. Don't worry, I am in no way leaving and hopefully Steve, EsquE, and Crafter will be able to fill my shoes nicely. I simply won't be able to handle as much of the work as normal.. hopefully I'll be through this soon.

New Star Wars Images - 10:30 pm EST
Seth C
Here a re a couple of the news images that Magic Box posted from Star Wars Trilogy. Head over there to see the rest of them. If you didn't know, Star Wars Trilogy is a new arcade title from Sega running on the Model 3 Step 2.1 board.

Hasbro Purchases Microprose - 10:30 pm EST
Seth C
I'm not feeling so great today, so the update will be small. Hasbro bought Microprose, who was developing for DC, the games should still go through, according to this info from KEDGE:

"This acquisition is an incredible opportunity to combine the complimentary talents of MicroProse and Hasbro Interactive, our leading entertainment software publisher," said Alan G. Hassenfeld, Chairman and CEO of Hasbro, Inc. "MicroProse will significantly enhance Hasbro Interactive in three key strategic growth areas: brands and content, R&D assets, and European distribution," Hassenfeld added. Prior to a one-time charge in 1998 relating to the expensing of purchased in-process research and development, Hasbro expects the transaction will not be dilutive to earnings this year, and will be accretive beginning in 1999.

MicroProse will provide Hasbro Interactive with product strength in the strategy, simulation, and 3D action game categories, enabling us to compete in virtually all major PC game categories," said Tom Dusenberry, Hasbro Interactive President. "We also look forward to taking these great games to new platforms including the Sony PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast and more."

US DC Includes Modem - 11:45 pm EST
Seth C
One important thing that I forgot to mention that comes from that article over at SegaNet... Bernie Stolar confirmed that the US system will include a modem packaged with it, which is important because there were rumors to the contrary. The modem speed has not been decided upon as yet. He also mentioned that there will be an online gaming network in place for the launch.

What the Retailers Saw - 9:45 pm EST
Seth C
SegaNet has a great news article about what Sega of America showed a few retailers behind closed doors recently. Go there for the full story, here are just a few of the highlights:

-Sonic was shown, everyone was blown away.
-As we already knew, around 11-12 titles are already in the works for use with the modem.
-Sonic, the shooter shown at E3, a football title, and a basketball title will be among the games at the US launch.
-The football and basketball titles were shown at around 15% complete, yet they reportedly made PSX titles look bad.
-a "horror game" was once again mentioned as coming from Capcom, this time from Bernie Stolar.

Anyone for a Carn-Evil? - 9:45 pm EST
Seth C
Carn-Evil, which is apparently on test in Chicago area arcades, is Midway's newest arcade title. since Midway is a confirmed Dreamcast developer, the possibility of seeing this game are high. You remember those really horror movies where the clowns are satanic? Well that must have been where Midway got their insipration for this game. Mark Manongdo at Dimension-S described it as "what happens when House of the Dead goes to a sick and dimented carnival" and says the graphics are comparable to a Voodoo 2 based PC game.

July - Is it Porn? - 6:15 pm EST
Seth C
What is going on in this picture? Do we even want to know? Well it has to do with the Dreamcast so you probably do. Believe it or not, this is artwork for Sega's newest title, "July". It looks like a horror/sex simulation game and you can bet the chance of it coming to the US simply doesn't exist. Believe it or not, the other image Sega released is even more risque. The game is due out this Winter.

More on Blue Stinger - 3:15 pm EST
Seth C
A couple of days ago we told you about a new game from Climax Graphics called "Blue Stinger". Today, Sega of Japan posted some new pictures and information on the game. Basically what we have is a Resident Evil style game but in full 3d. It is set in the very near future... only 20 years from now. Here are a few of those new shots:

these pictures sport some fantastic special effects. The plasma rifle-esque weapon looks very cool indeed. Also notice the way the lead character is holding his side in the picture with the sword and demon. Apparently he has been injured... and the game actually reflects that! I want even get in to how beautiful the explosion is. Expect a full preview with many more pictures this weekend.

How Much Will the DC Cost? - 2:00 pm EST
Seth C
Recently, quite a few of our readers have been asking me how much the Dreamcast will cost them if they import it. Quite frankly, there are many factors involved. The estimated street cost is between 20,000 and 25,000 yen which at current exchange rates is around $150-$185 US. So if you have a friend in Japan you're in luck (and if you live in Japan and would be interested in picking up a couple of units for me, please e-mail me). But, if you have to go through an import shop there are quite a few fees that will be added so that everyone involved makes money... in that case expect to spend around $300.

Dreamcaster - 2:00 pm EST
Seth C
I failed to mention this a week or so ago, but my good buddy Amer over at Cyrellis has launched a new Dreamcast site called Dreamcaster. It's a pretty cool site with a distinct Japanese appearance. Takes some getting use to the whole thing, but surely some of you will enjoy it, so go take a look. Amer, you owe me one. :)

Dimension-S Relaunch - 2:00 pm EST
Seth C
Ace O'Spades over at Dimension-S dropped me a line begging that I let everyone know about their relaunch. After much debate he decided to give me a large sum of money and I decided to announce it. So here ya go, Dimension-S relaunches with a new layout and all that spiffy stuff tonight at midnight, so be sure to check it out.

Power VR Press Release - 3:50 pm EST
Seth C
VideoLogic dropped off a press release today in my mailbox that actually had some quite interesting info. If you want to view the whole thing, just click here, this will be just a short re-cap of the things you should be interested in.

First, the entire point of the release was to announce that they have no begun mass production of the chips for the Dreamcast. This is very important, because rumors were beginning to suggest that they may not meet deadlines for the November release. Well today they announced they will be able to meet demand for the November release.

Second, they are now claiming a fill rate exceeding 1GigaPixels/s. This is quite a bit higher than any of the other chipsets currently on the market.

Don't forget to check out the full press release if you want to read all the details.

Awesome Sonic Movie - 4:10 am EST
Seth C
This (video removed at the request of Sega) is taken from the same video that was on show at the ECTS behind closed doors. It now has the music to go along with it, unlike the previous video. Not only that, but it is MUCH longer... around 1 1/2 minutes. Download it, enjoy it.. trust me, you will.
Source: Sega X

Congrats to Big Mac - 11:40 pm EST
Seth C
Although it has nothing to do with Dreamcast or even videogames, I thought it was needed to send out a huge congratulations to Mark McGwire. Not only for breaking the all-time single season home run record, but also a thanks to Mark and Sammy for bringing back the fun to baseball.

Blue Stinger - 10:10 pm EST
A subsidiary of Climax, (known for their Dark Savior-one of the great Saturn classics) Climax Graphics are in the process of creating Blue Stinger- what seems to be the defining testament of Dreamcast's first-generation capabilities. Those who have been lucky enough to witness its graphical splendor in these early stages have dubbed it as "amazing".

The game is stressed as fitting in the "adventure/action" genre, and surprisingly, it is said to be available before the end of this year!

Apparently, Blue Stinger looks so ingenious for several important reasons: many bigshots from Hollywood are working on the games graphics engine: Robert Short (Beetlejuice), and Peter Von Sholley, who is the story board artist. Sholley has been credited with work on Mars Attacks, The Mask, and James and the Giant Peach.

We at DCX are very excited about this game, as it is yet another example of how Dreamcast's graphical leaps will exceed even the highest of expectations. Head to this page to check out all of the shots from the game.

Pod 2 Coming to DC - 4:55 pm EST
Seth C
Pod 2 is headed to the PC, PSX, N64, and Dreamcast. Here are only a few of the features the game is scheduled to include when it releases, according to Ubisoft:

-Totally new tracks including envolving climates and interactive elements

-4 differents types of vehicles

-More than 10 options and weapons to collect

-8 modes of original gameplay

-Multiplayer: up to 8 players

-More than 60 frames per second

Behind the Scenes - 4:55 pm EST
Seth C
Want to know what Sega was showing behind closed doors at ECTS? Someone leaked out the info and it's more than we previously thought. You see, not only was Sonic shown to them, but so was a short video of Sega Rally 2 and Daytona USA 2. Even more exciting is that they announced the launch titles for Japan: Sonic Adventure, Sega Rally 2, and what is apparently Yu's top-secret new game, Virtua Fighter RPG.
Source: FGN

Virtua Cop 3 on DC First? - 4:55 pm EST
Seth C
That's what Game Plus magazine is claiming. Of course, none of this is actually confirmed by Sega... but at this point in time there is little about the Dreamcast that is. But Game Plus does claim that VC3 is under development and will release first on the Dreamcast, and second in the arcades, if at all. They also go on to claim the game will support new features never before seen in a shooter and online play.

That is the part that, to me, has the biggest implication. Just imagine a multi-player aspect of Virtua Cop in VS. mode. You could dodge and weave behind boxes and crates as your enemy, controlled by a human, was aiming at you from on high. A two (or more) player sniper match.

Source: Sega X

Sonic at ECTS? - 5:20 pm EST
Seth C
Okay, so it wasn't shown to the public, but behind closed doors Sega was showing of it's new baby running Sonic Adventure. This wasn't just a video either - the game was running on a hand assembled DC unit (the system has not gone into mass production yet) and it was running in 640 x 480 resolution and at 60fps. and to anyone who worried about the screen flicker in high-res Saturn games... don't, because there is none in the DC games. As I mentioned before, the flicker was due to the Saturn only supporting it's highest resolution in an interlaced mode.

Molyneux Talks Dreamcast - 5:20 pm EST
Seth C
It appears that almost everyone who has seen it is impressed with the Dreamcast. Even Peter Molyneux, the creator of such games as Populous, praised the system at ECTS. could this mean his new PC games, "Black and White"(nothing to do with the Michael Jackson song, we assure you) will make it to the Dreamcast? Well he seemed very interested in working with the system... so you can almost count on it.
Source: Dimension S

Sega's Newest Arcade Games - 5:20 pm EST
Seth C
Screenshots of two of Sega's up and coming Model 3 games were recently shown. The first of these titles is "Ocean Hunter". Basically, it's an underwater shooter from AM1. Here are two shots:

The second game is a bit more exciting, at least to me. It's the sequel to Sega's arcade title, "Star Wars Arcade". This one is called Star Wars Trilogy and even though these screens are a bit blurry, they look gorgeous. Actually, they look almost as good as the movies themselves. Just imagine flying through the forests of Endor during the Speedbike chase... in full 3d.

Both of these games run on the Model 3 Step 2 board, so perfect ports to the Dreamcast can be expected.

Source: Magic Box

Naomi Board - 5:20 pm EST
Seth C
For all who don't know, the Naomi arcade board is basically equivalent to the Dreamcast. Sega plans to use it to make arcade games extremely easy to port to the Dreamcast. Sega will be unvieling the board at the JAMMA show. The estimated cost is $1995 US, the same price as the ST-V board which is compatible with the Saturn.
Source: Magic Box

Hot Rumors - 5:20 pm EST
Seth C
-It has been reported in quite a few places that some of the ECTS showgoers saw a Dreamcast pad with built in rumble effects, similar to Sony's dual shock pad.

-NEC Interchannel will be releasing an upgraded version of Black Matrix, a strategy RPG which was recently produced for the Saturn.

-The Dreamcast may be delayed a bit if there aren't enough PVRSG chips to handle the launch. Apparently Sega wants to have at least 500,000 ready to go so that they can be sure to cover the demand for the DC.

-Tekken 4 is a possible game for the Dreamcast. Apparently Namco doesn't feel like waiting on sony to bring them a new arcade board so they are moving to the DC. This one came from IGN though, so you may want to be quite skeptical of it.

-The final rumor from IGN is that Sonic Team will bring Burning Rangers to the Dreamcast. This in itself isn't so hard to believe... we can pretty much expect the game sooner or later. But trust me, right now Sonic Team's concentration is on Sonic Adventure and that alone.

Capcom Makes it Official - 5:20 pm EST
Seth C
Although I'm not sure where this news was first reported, Capcom has officially announced their support of the Dreamcast. Previously everything was mostly rumors based around the comments made by Capcom's president about RE4 hopefully appearing on the DC. Capcom has 5-6 titles in development for the Dreamcast and one of them is described as "survival horror"... wonder what that could be.

Just the Essentials - 11:55 pm EST
Seth C
Here are a couple of brief news bits:

-At the ECTS Eidos, Gremlin, Interplay, Infogrames, Acclaim, and Codemasters official confirmed that they will be developing titles for the DC.

-The US and Europe will see a simultaneous release of the Dreamcast with both territories having some titles developed for that region.

-The racing title from Ubisoft was a *very* quick port to test the Dreamcast... expect the finished product to more fully take advantage of the system.

Sources: Dimension S, Sega X, and SegaNet

Rage Lets Loose - 11:55 pm EST
Seth C
We already knew that Rage was working on Incoming for the DC... but what about some of their other titles? Well, those are coming, too. At the ECTS they let it be known that they plan to port both Expendable and Hostile Waters to the Dreamcast. Also, more info on the Dreamcast Incoming was mentioned. Most importantly is that it will be a Japanese launch titles, but there will be many enhancements including a split-screen mode, enhanced sound effects, and improved control. It all sounds great, but what about modem play?
Source: Dimension S

Sonic Update - 11:55 pm EST
Seth C
Some new information has surfaced concerning Sonic Adventure. The first bit has to do with gameplay. It seems that all 6 characters won't be available from the start of the game. As you meet characters by playing with Sonic, those will become playable. Not a bad idea at all. Also there will be various mini-games like the snowboarding and bi-plane scenes that all of us have seen pictures of. Info about the VMS connections also has been brought to light - not only can you raise creatures, but you can also battle them with a friend or swap data.

The second bit of info has to do with the release date of the game. Yes, believe it or not Sonic Adventure *will* be a release title in Japan. At an unvieling at a large toy shop in Japan a representative of Sega said it will be at launch, and also Game-Online has reported that Mr. Irimajiri stated the same thing at the ECTS.

Sources: Magic Box and Sega x

Late Update - 11:20 pm EST
Seth C
Sorry that the update is so late today. It is Labor Day, afterall... and friends were visiting so I had to put off working on the site till now. There will be plenty of news updates coming in about 30 minutes... stay tuned.

Spawn Runs on Naomi! - 11:35 pm EST
Seth C
You probably remember the Spawn arcade game that we mentioned to you a week or two ago. Well new info has surfaced, and boy is it juicy. One of KEDGE's readers pointed out this quote from issue #75 of the Spawn comic:

"We took the shinkensan, or bullet train, down to Osaka to meet with the Capcom folk. They are busy working on the Spawn arcade game for the new top secret Sega arcade board. The game will use several newly created fighting moves and will have one feature that I can not discuss that will be revolutionary for the industry. All I can say is to expect several Spawns on the screen at once. Sh*t are they going to be mad at me. Expect to see the games in arcades late 1999, then on platforms in 2000."

Yes, you heard that right, "new top secret Sega arcade board"... or, the Naomi. Also notice this "revolutionary feature" which apparently has something to do with online multiplay? Sounds almost too good to be true.

Unconfirming Lunar: EB - 2:55 pm EST
Seth C
The new website, IGNDC seems to have caused quite a bit of confusion among readers. If you've been there, you've seen their list of "confirmed" Dreamcast titles such as Lunar: EB. I'd like to publicly state that there will be no version of Lunar: Eternal Blue on the Dreamcast. As the guys over at LunarNet stated, they've already remade the game twice (once for Saturn and once for the PSX) and they aren't interested in doing it again. They have new projects such as Lunar 3 that they are much more interested in working on. This is just one more example of why not to trust them. Before you believe things that site has to say, drop me a line and I'll be sure to set things straight, alright?

F1 from Ubisoft - 2:45 pm EST
Seth C
VideogameSpot has screens from a new Dreamcast title from Ubisoft, which is tentatively being called "Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation." As you probably guessed it's an F1 racing sim, not an arcade style racer. The game is being developed with the help of car manufacturer Renault.

Poll Results - 2:45 pm EST
Seth C
The results of the last poll are in, and it appears that you definately like the new layout! Okay, so we aren't really excited. That poll had been around forever and it was getting more than a bit boring. Hmph, it was so old that a lot of you probably don't even know what the old design looked like!

We do have a new poll though and this one should prove to be much more interesting. We want to know if you plan to import the Dreamcast or not. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and look over on the right side, that's where the current poll now resides. Cast your vote so we know just how many of our readers will be importing the DC.

SH-4 Coding - 7:45 pm EST
Seth C
Know which Dreamcast titles will be the most advanced and best looking? Those that are programmed to "talk" directly with the SH-4 in the Dreamcast instead of going through the WinCE OS. According to the Japanese media, that is what AM2 is doing with their title(s) in development for the DC. It's very much likely that most if not all of Sega's internal development teams will go this route.
Source: Sega X

Kitahe Shot - 3:50 pm EST
Seth C
Here are a couple of shots of Kitahe (translated "to the north"). Yeah they are a bit old, but there is zero chance of this game ever making it to the US anyway. The whole purpose of the game is to bring tourists to the northern parts of Japan... it's part of an ad campaign some of the northern cities are launching. Anyway, here are the shots... you can check out the game's official site for more.

Dirt Devils - 3:50 pm EST
Seth C
Dirt Devils is Sega's newest arcade racing title. This one is a bit different than their others, though. It's not in the styling of Daytona or Rally, but is an actual off-road dune buggy style racer. SegaNet reported that the entire game has scenery littered with Dreamcast ads. Remember the other Sega arcade games that had ads for a console? Daytona USA ("Coming Exclusively to Saturn") and Virtual On (a Saturn unit on the back of each robot). So why do I mention this? Because it almost certainly means Sega has plans to port the game to the DC.

Sonic Archives - 3:50 pm EST
Seth C
Sega has finally released the Sonic Adventure forum streams on their web site. Although it's a bit late now that we have an mpeg of the game, they're still sorta fun to watch if you missed the show the night it broadcast. It lost quite a bit of the excitement now that it's not live though.

Anyway, you can check out the videos on this page. The Forum was divided in to 3 sections so that you no longer have to watch all of the boring parts. Video 2 is likely the one you want to see... it's got about 10 minutes or more of in-game action.

Rumor Mill Churns - 9:50 pm EST
Seth C
News is slow, so here are a couple of rumors to keep you busy till ECTS starts this weekend.

-Sega X is saying that Phantasy Star V has been given a 100 million yen budget. Sega plans to make it the "perfect" RPG, much like their plans for Sonic as the perfect platformer.

-This one is just funny. DreamcastIGN claims that Sega contacted some emulator programmers to see about the possiblities of a downloadable PSX emu for the Dreamcast. This would result in many a lawsuit for Sega, and the chances of being true... well, considering it was IGN that reported it they probably made up the rumor themselves just to have content.

Something Happening at GameArts - 1:25 pm EST
Seth C
Something is definately going on at GameArts. They have begun updating their page, and currently it simply displays "Coming Soon". There are quite a few possibilities of what is going on, and rumors have already begun to spread as to what is "coming soon". Most of the rumors suggest they are going to announces "Grandia Remix" for the Dreamcast. It makes sense, because the last time "Coming Soon" dominated their website GameArts announced Grandia. Still others suggest they could be announcing Lunar 3. I'm sure we'll know very shortly.

D2 Soundtrack Released - 1:25 pm EST
Seth C
Would you like to get a preview of what you'll be listening to once the Dreamcast releases? Then pick up "D2 Sketches", the soundtrack for D2. Gamers Republic reviewed the disc, here is an exerpt:

"The slow, symphonic tracks are beautifully composed, and each instrument sounds amazingly well defined. High production quality is in effect. To my surprise, however, there are several killer drum & brass and breakbeat-ish tunes on Sketches as well, each conveying a sense of atmosphere as effective as the slow-paced music. I can definitely imagine playing in snowy valleys to this impressive score."

Source: DC Tech Pages

Calm Before the Storm - 9:35 pm EST
Seth C
If you hadn't aleady noticed, news is slow. This also happens to be the reason for our late update... there just really wasn't much to post. Why are things so slow? ECTS, that's why! All of the major gaming companies are slowing things down and gearing up for the convention being held this weekend in London. Our own editor in Europe, Enigma, will be there to cover the show... so expect things to pick back up toward the end of the week.

35 Million Units? - 9:35 pm EST
Seth C
Well, that's what Forbes says Sega plans to sell over the lifespan of the Dreamcast. Those are some pretty big expectations, because the PlayStation has only sold 33 million units so far and we all know what a large success it has been. Will the Dreamcast live up to Sega's grand ideas? Only time will tell.