Seth C

Name: Seth Collins
Position: Webmaster/Editor-in-Chief
Comment: I'd like to formally welcome you all to Dreamcast EXTREME. I hope you find your stay here informative and most importantly, fun. That's why we all play games to begin with, right?


Name: Thomas S. Robbins
Position: Lead Editor
Comment: This guy is long winded, so expect all his work to be very detailed but a pleasure to read. If there is a game you want to know
every little thing about, be sure to read what he has to say about it.


Name: William Wright
Position:Lead Editor
Comment:Our resident import expert. Looking over the list of games in his collection you would expect he's from Japan. While he won't be doing news, his name will show up everywhere else.


Name: Jeremy Dunham
Position: Editor
Comment: This is the only one of us who knows even a bit of kanji. So, we're going to lock him in a room with a English/Kanji dictionary and have him ranslate all day long.


Name: Aika Suzuki
Position: Editor/Technology Analyst
Comment: She knows her technology and it shows. If you want to know something about Dreamcast hardware, just bypass me and go straight to her because I guarantee she'll be more accurate.


Name: Dan Pacey
Position: European Editor
Comment: What's this? A Brit working for Dreamcast Extreme? Will the site become a haven for blokes and bums? Well, let's all hope not. He will be handling the European correspondence for DCX.


Name: Thor Simpson
Position: Graphic Designer
Comment: His primary focus is on the graphical side of our site, though he may appear in other places at times.