DC Knows Jack - 10:00 pm EST
Seth C
Apparently Jellyvision Inc. are very interesting in porting "You Don't Know Jack" to the Dreamcast. If you haven't played the game, it's a sort of "comedy quiz show" type thing for the PC. There is already a port to the Playstation underway, so it sounds like the company is trying to keep all the bases covered.
Source: Sega X

VIS Sails the Good Ship Dreamcast - 8:42 pm EST
Seth C
VIS Interactive currently has two projects underway for the Dreamcast. And although they will not disclose any information about the games themselves, they do say a big name publisher who has not yet announced their intentions to publish for the Dreamcast will publish them. If you aren't aware who VIS is, maybe you will recognize them when you know that they are the designers of Earthworm Jim 3D.
Source: Game-Online

Additional Tech Demo Info - 6:50 pm EST
Seth C
Just thought I would clarify some things concerning the tech demo, seeing as how most of what I posted was done at around 6am. First, all of those screens were taken from a graphics development system which was running at less than half of the full potential of the Dreamcast, according to NG. Second, do excuse the quality of the pictures once they are zoomed in. Keep in mind that in the magazine, the pictures were only about the size of the thumbnails on this page. I wanted to give you a chance to view them both ways, though. It worked for the best with some (lace) and not so well with others. The main thing is that we all got to see the shots, and they were quite impressive.

E3 Tech Demos - 7:35 am EST
Seth C
All of these screen-shots and information are taken from Next-Generation Issue #45, pages 91-97 and are © Imagine Media. We're the first online gaming site to bring them to you, enjoy.

This demo is meant to show off the Dreamcast's advanced particle system. As the fire heats, the particles rise to form the dinosaur. The GPU handles this entirely, leaving the CPU free to do AI or various other tasks. As the shots progress watch how the dinosaur becomes more fully realized until in the final shot it is almost fully solid.

This is the final shot of the process. There are over 1,000 particles present, each moving individual and in its own unique pattern. This is all handled effortlessly by the Dreamcast. Systems such as the Playstation can never attain this kind of power. Only in the most recent games such as Tomb Raider III have particles been used, and only sparingly.

This part of the demo shows of the Dreamcast's ability to zoom in on any of the various textures without break-up. The textures remain very detailed using point, bilinear, trilinear, and anisotropic mip-mapping.

This beautiful scene of a lake, mountains, and cabin is constructed with over 1 million polygons. The cloud layer alone is made of 3,000 polygons with full translucency, allowing the sun to pass through in varying degrees and cast shadows on the landscape. There is no fog, as the Dreamcast doesn't need it to cover up nasty clipping. The water is not a texture, but many polygons.

This fruit basket alone is made up of more than 90,000 polygons per second. With the scenery behind it, it would completely max out the Playstation hardware. But the Dreamcast is still rendering the entire room. You can zoom in on the fruit, or look around the room, all on the fly.

There are more than 40 textures in use simultaneously in this room. They range from 8*8 to 256*256 resolution. But yet, even uncompressed, all of these textures take up less than half of the DC's VRAM.

This globe looks relatively simple. It isn't. It is using a special texture-blending routine that constantly changes the texture, all the while leaving the globe translucent. Don't expect to see this anywhere else anytime soon.

The demo actually allowed you to pass through this lace and then look back in to the room. Notice each hole in the lace is accounted for and can be seen through. There are no break-ups in the graphics even though the entire room is constantly being rendered behind the lace. The whole scene uses edge anti-aliasing.

This scene was used to show off the Dreamcast's various lighting abilities. The room showed different lighting sources, from ambient lighting, to specular highlights, to modifier light volume. The modifier light volume, as Next Generation explains, is "a geometric volume of light. When it intersects with any other object, it can change specific lighting and texture behavior on a pixel-by-pixel basis."

I rushed out at 3am to snag this magazine and slaved over the images and html till 7:30am, so please do excuse any typos.

Godzilla Generations - 12:35 am EST
Seth C
Looks like Godzilla for the Dreamcast now has a full name. It's called Godzilla Generations and this is SoJ's advertisement graphic for the game. I assume the name was chosen due to the fact that the game will contain various characters from all of the Godzilla movies.

Rumor Mill - 7:30 pm EST
Seth C
- Next Generation is reporting that they think Diablo 2 will be ported to the Dreamcast. Wouldn't surprise me much, I expect to see almost every popular PC game get the port over to DC.

- Koei is working on the Dreamcast. That we know. Now rumors are flying that say they are working on some form of 3D action title, instead of an RPG. The likely nod goes to Enigma, a PC title they are currently working on.

- Next Generation also thinks that the Dreamcast will come packed in with a VMS unit here in the US. This is one of those hit or miss things, could happen... might not. Will likely be decided on near the system's release.

Staff Openings - 12:45 am EST
Seth C
Have you ever wanted to work for a top-notch online gaming magazine? Now is your chance. We have positions available and we're looking for a few good readers to fill them. Here are the positions available:

-Japanese Correspondent: Obviously this involves someone living in Japan, who speaks and writes both Japanese and English fluently. You will be required to write previews and editorials, and will be called upon to translate Japanese web sites/magazines.

-European Correspondent: You would be called upon to cover the European Dreamcast scene once the system launches there. Until then, you would write previews and editorials for the site.

-News Hound: It's hard to find all the news in a timely manner and get it all posted on the site. We could use someone whose sole purpose was to track down news and report on it.

All these positions require excellent writing skills. If you are interested, e-mail me at and let me know just why you qualify.

Even More Godzilla Shots - 12:10 am EST
Seth C

Sega of Japan has released four more screen shots of Godzilla and here they are for your viewing pleasure. I was especially impressed with the fourth one. Take not of the dozen or more little 3d cars driving around. Very impressive.

Konami Rumors - 6:05 pm EST
Seth C
There are rumors currently floating around that say Konami of Japan is working on multiple titles for the Dreamcast. The first game is supposedly a Dreamcast exclusive… with no details currently available. The second is a reworked version of Metal Gear Solid. We'll try to contact Konami to see what they have to say about this, but I can assure you that their response will be a solid "no comment".

If You Already Thought Sega Had Money to Burn... - 6:00 pm EST
Seth C
...back when they bought the domain name "" then you really need to sit down for this one.

It appears that SoA has purchased approximately 75 new domain names. Among them are "" and "". There is also "" and "". It's actually insane the amount of money they spent to get all this done.

If you want to see all of the names, click here.

Source: KEDGE

Sega's Inspiration - 5:45 pm EST
Seth C
Ever wonder where Sega got the idea for the Dreamcast's swirly logo? Cinnabon, Nutra Sweet... naaaah. They designed and used it years ago.

Here is your proof. This is a screenshot from the ending to Sonic CD. Notice the swirl? Seems Sega has had an obsession with them for quite some time now.

Source: Dotstry Jackson

8 New Godzilla Shots - 4:50 pm EST
Seth C

Look. Godzilla. Crush buildings. Fire. Burn. Mass destruction.

Monster Breed (or Breeder.. which is it?) looks a bit better I suppose, but I bet there will be tons more going on at once in this game. Check out the little cars driving along the road. They're even guraud shaded... sweet!

Team 17 and Interactive Studios are Coming Aboard - 4:10 pm EST
Seth C
When Philip Oliver, the co-founder of Interactive Studios was asked about the platforms he had worked on, part of his answer was this:

"...and now about to start on Dreamcast."

Sure it's not very exciting, but it is real confirmation of another DC Developer.

Team 17 is also working on the Dreamcast. 3 of its upcoming 9 titles will be developed for the fledgling system. They won't comment on which games are coming, however.

Special Poll - 2:10 pm EST
Seth C
- News Poll -
Do You Want to Hear About This "News"?

Yes, I want to hear it.
No, it's nothing but junk.

Current Results
Lately I have stopped reporting news such as "this company might be working on DC" or "this company says no comment when asked about DC development". It just isn't what I consider news. It's filler for sites that can't get real news and think it looks better to just put something up.

But you are the reader and this site is based on your opinion. So, do you want to hear this so-called news or do you think it would be better to just report once a company confirms development? Let us know by participating in this poll. You will influence what you read here in the future.

If the majority decides they really want to see the site filled with 5 reports a day that "XXX Company Says They Are considering" then that's what you'll get.

TONS of New DC Screen Shots - 7:45 pm EST
Seth C

Like the new Godzilla shots? Knew you would. We can almost certainly expect this to be one of the launch titles. You may want to get your hands on the VMS version as well, because some aspects of the DC game are only going to be accessed if you have the VMS game.

You've already read all about Pen Pen Triathlon right here... so I'll spare you the details. This title should also be a launch game for the Dreamcast in Japan.

This is the third of NEC's 4 Dreamcast games, entitled Mercurius Pretty. It's a "life simulator" featuring fairies instead of your usual monsters or people. NEC released the game years ago on Japanese PCs and now it's headed to consoles via the Dreamcast.

Monster Breeder is NEC's fourth and final (for now) Dreamcast title. It's similar to Monster Rancher or one of the other "monster simulators" on the market. It actually looks fairly graphically pleasing.

These shots all came from Sega-Holic, so if you want more pictures head there now. There will be previews of all these games this week, so stay tuned.

Spike Out Info - 7:15 pm EST
Seth C
Turns out, Game Plus has confirmed that Spike Out is coming to Dreamcast sometime in 1999. Start celebrating now, this game is hot.

Second on the agenda, but just as important. Check out the new title in those screen shots. Digital Battle Online... what a nice ring that has. Could we be playing with other gamers in arcade across the world? Only time will tell. It does sound very promising though.

Sources: Sega-Holic and Sega X

Metropolis' Music - 1:45 pm EST
Seth C
Richard Jacques will be doing the musical score for Bizzare Creations' upcoming Dreamcast title, Metropolis. Richard has previously worked on Shinobi Legions, Worldwide Soccer, Daytona USA: CCE, Sonic 3D Blast, and Sonic R, among other things. Sounds like a good man for the job.

To the North? - 1:30 pm EST
Seth C
What's this? Hudson Soft is working on a Dreamcast title and it's not Bomberman? Where have their minds gone? Anyway, instead of Bomberman we get "To the North" which they are trying to call a "travel simulator". Yeah, it's a travel simulator where you meet up with 8 girls and try to get a date. Sounds like a not-so-clever disguise for a date simulator to me.
Source: Dimension-S

Mecha-Godzilla - 1:30 pm EST
Seth C
Here is the third shot of Godzilla for the Dreamcast, Mech-Godzilla! I don't think I'm the only one who is getting very excited about this game, am I? Ol' Mecha is lookin' pretty good, and those other shots were spectacular.
Source: Game Japan, via Dimension-S

I've Returned! - 1:20 pm EST
Seth C
After nearly a week of torture and way too much driving, I'm home! There wasn't an extreme amount of news while I was away (considering it was the weekend) but I'll do my best to re-cap.

Out of Town - 11:55 am EST
Seth C
I completely let this slip my mind. I have orientation the next couple of days... and the school is 6 hours away, so I have to leave today. I should be back to updated by Saturday. Hopefully I can manage to log on to the campus computers and update... but whether they will let me or not, I can't be sure of. It frustrates me as much as it does you guys that I have to leave the site, but please just bare with us. Thanks.

Wanna Chat? - 1:15 pm EST
Seth C
We at Dreamcast Extreme are constantly looking for ways to interact with our readers. Currently we are working on a web based IRC chat so that everyone can join us even if they do not have an IRC program. But for now, RRjive has started a chat room that everyone is welcome to come to and join in on the Dreamcast conversations. Just connect to an Efnet server and join #!Dreamcast! to start chatting.

Catching Up - 10:00 pm EST
Seth C
Other than the Sonic "info" there was very little by way of news while we were away. Here it is in brief form:

-Sonic Adventure was announced. It is rumored that Sonic has a much harder look. Perhaps he finally got that trademark "attitude" of his.... other than the negativity for pants, of course. Sonic Team is holding a press conference on August 22, we'll bring you the scoop then.

-Yu Suzuki confirmed that the Dreamcast is more powerful than Model 3.

-Bernie Stolar announced that the DC modem in the US will be external.

-ASC (Grand Theft Auto) working on Dreamcast projects.

-NEC announced their two other DC projects, Mercuries Pretty which is a "fairy simulator" and "Monster Breeder".

Lack of Updates - 11:55 am EST
Seth C
I'd like to apologize for and explain the lack of updates over the past week. As you all know, I was out of town and due to circumstances out of our control, I'm the only one who can post updates to the site at the current time. I had planned on doing the updates anyway, but for various reasons I couldn't manage to connect to the ISP. On a happier note, we have tons of previews to post and today we will catch you up on all the happenings in the world of Dreamcast.

News Shorts - 6:00 pm EST
Seth C
  • High Voltage signs on as a DC developer.
  • VF4 announcements should be made soon.
  • Rumors Abound - 6:00 pm EST
    Seth C
  • Infogrames will be porting Outcast, Alone in the Dark 4, and two other titles.
  • Core is at work on 4 titles, one of them being a DC exclusive.
  • Gremlin is working on 2 DC titles.
  • Incoming will make it to the Dreamcast via Rage.
  • Langrisser VI will be coming to DC.
  • Sonic to have a new side-kick.
  • Godzilla Crashes on to DC - 6:00 pm EST
    Seth C
    First the VMS, and now he's prepared to roar to life on the Dreamcast. Take a look at the two shots below... are they gorgeous or what? The Dreamcast version is said to be able to use data from the VMS in some way, which would make sense. It is an action title, not like the VMS "monster-battle", and will have monsters from many of the previous films. Very little else is known about the title, but I'm sure it will become much more clear as the days go by. Stay tuned.

    On Vacation - 12:00 am EST
    Seth C
    Well, I'm taking a vacation. Not from the site, though... so don't worry. I'm going to visit a very lovely woman named Gloria, but Dreamcast Extreme will still be packed with the most DC info anywhere. The news updates won't be coming in *quite* as fast, but expect at least one update per day including one preview each and every day this week. Don't miss it.

    Godzilla Releases - 4:30 am EST
    Seth C
    Just a friendly reminder that Godzilla releases on the VMS and in Japanese movie theaters today. Which means that importers should have them in sometime within a week. So, run out to your local shop or give NCS a ring so that you can get your grubby little hands on this nifty toy.

    New D2 Screen-shots! - 6:15 pm EST
    Seth C
    Special thanks go to Hardcore Gaming's Sega-Holic for bringing us these new screen-shots of D2. The detail level is amazing, as you can see from this picture. Look at the realism of the face, right down to the eye shadow. When people said the Dreamcast could do real-time CG, they weren't kidding. Check out our preview for over a dozen new pictures of this game.

    Spike Renamed Spikeout - 10:50 pm EST
    Seth C
    Spike has a new name, Spikeout. As EsquE said to me, they should just go ahead and call it Burning Fists (Streets of Rage) 4. :) Also, check out the preview for 11 new screen-shots.
    Source: Hardcore Gaming

    PenPen Triathlon - 9:50 pm EST
    Seth C
    Ahhh, high quality shots of a Dreamcast game. It feels good to see this. The game is called PenPen Triathlon and is being developed by a group called "Team Land Ho!" Never heard of them? You aren't alone. But you do know them. The team is comprised of programmers who have worked on Daytona CCE, Sega Rally, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Panzer Dragoon Zwei, NiGHTS, and Sonic! What a team! PenPen is a cutesy racing game with penguins, sea lions, etc. It will be one of the launch titles on November 20. Stay tuned for more, including a preview with more screen-shots.

    Source: Hardcore Gaming

    Microsoft Logo on DC - 9:20 pm EST
    Seth C
    Do we really need Microsoft's logo on the Dreamcast? Like it or not, it's happening. Microsoft was recently showing the system and they announced their will be a gray "Powered by Windows CE" logo on the front of the system when it launches here in the states.

    News Shorts - 6:50 pm EST
    Seth C
  • Drive-By is only a PC title, for now...
  • Pata Pi is coming to Japan sometime in '99
  • Sources: Sega X and Sega Otaku

    Next Generation Betting on the Shooter - 6:50 pm EST
    Seth C
    Could Next Generation have discovered the US pack-in for the Dreamcast? They are currently claiming it is the shooter that was shown at E3. This would be quite a bold move considering the current state of shooters in this country, but it could be a great way of reinvigorating the American shooter market. I'd still put my money on Sonic, though…
    Source: Next Generation via Sega X

    A Sense of Humor - 4:45 pm EST
    Seth C
    About a week ago it was brought to everyone's attention that Imagine Publishing had registered the domain name "". It appears that there is quite a sense of humor in the industry, because now "" has been registered… by Sega of America. :) These companies must have money to burn.

    Nigma Planning an RPG? - 2:15 pm EST
    Seth C
    I was just reading over the interview with Nigma, the developers of Drones, and noticed an obvious hint that no one brought out. Take a look:

    "…the Drones engines ( 3D engine and AI engine ) have been developed in order to be used in a custom way for future games, and RPG is a genre we love. [smiles..]"

    If Nigma were to design an RPG using their graphical engine it would be absolutely stunning. Due to their advance light-sourcing techniques I'm quite sure they could even go so far as to have a realistically portrayed sun that actually passed through the sky in real-time casting shadows and whatnot.

    Quote from Sega-Otaku

    Sega Shakes Things Up - 1:35 pm EST
    Seth C
    I meant to post this news yesterday, but got caught up working on some things for the site which you will be seeing next week. *grin* Anyway, it appears that Sega is once again retooling it's staff. Here is a quote from NGO:

    "The first sign of things to come was the ousting of arcade-centric Hayao Nakayama for Shoichiro Irimajiri (president of SEGA of Japan). But even more significant was the transfer of Sadahiko Hirose from Ascii Entertainment, which is partly owned by Sega, to Sega of Japan's consumer development team. Hirose should provide important product development partnership during the coming months of first-party Dreamcast title production."

    Source: NGO

    NEC Talks US - 7:10 pm EST
    Seth C
    "NEC Home Electronics has confirmed that Dreamcast RPGs, Sengoku Turb and Seventh Cross are to be released in North America and Europe. Speaking to Sega-Otaku a spokesperson also confirmed that other Dreamcast titles are under development by NEC-HE, and though no details have been released the titles are not RPGs."

    I have to agree with the DC Tech Pages, these two games are far from being the most graphically pleasing titles I've seen. Let's hope that the other games in development look a bit better.

    Quote from FGN Onlinee

    Boss Studios Hints at DC Development - 6:55 pm EST
    Seth C
    Boss Game Studios, the designers of Spider and Top Gear Rally, are working on a new PC title. This one is called Boss Rally. It uses the same physics engine as that of Top Gear Rally, and more importantly, will come with native PVRSG support making a Dreamcast port highly likely. What do the designers say about a possible Dremcast title in the works?

    "as for Katana/Dreamcast info keep watching our website......"

    Source: Katana-Edge

    Silicon Knights Speak About Dreamcast - 6:40 pm EST
    Seth C
    Silicon Knights, the designers of the absolutely marvelous Legacy of Kain, had good things to say about the Dreamcast:

    "I can say that the Dreamcast system is an excellent system and is likely to do well against next generations systems. We like the system a great deal. Sega has madesome smart decisions with it."

    Unfortunately they made no mention of plans to work on the system.

    Source: Katana-Edge

    Is this the American Dreamcast? - 2:55 pm EST
    Could be... but it's not. The American launch of the Dreamcast is still a ways off (heck, the JAPAN launch of the Dreamcast is still a ways off) but as always, gamers are searching anxiously for any news or tidbits they can pick up on the system's release. One factor that is often overlooked is how the Dreamcast will appear when it is brought over to the states. Among past Sega systems, one factor has remained true- as they make their way across the ocean, they mysteriously turn black. I am guessing that the same will hold true for the latest of Sega's ventures, the Dreamcast. While many of us have gotten used to the light gray appearance of the machine, be ready for a change as late 1999 rolls around. Above is a sample of how the American machine may one day look next to its Japanese brother. Stay tuned for further developments.

    Sega's Humble Marketing - 3:45 am EST
    Seth C
    Let the advertising blitz begin! Sega has begun to place advertisements for it's new blockbuster system in Japanese print publications and on television. And guess what? They are back to playing the underdog; the situation which put the company on top with the Genesis. The current commercial talks about how they admit to being not quite as hip as Sony, but that they are going to fight as hard as possible to change that.

    Sega X went on to describe a previous magazine campaign depicting two scenes of battle. The first depicted slain warriors holding the Sega flag. Sega is admitting defeat with the Saturn, but that's only one battle. The second ad is of soldiers rallying to the fight… a comeback. And the savior? What else other than Dreamcast. They won't lose the war.

    Source: Sega X

    The Thoughts of NCS - 3:20 am EST
    Seth C
    "With the Sega Dreamcast on many wish lists, NCS has already taken in over 200 pre-orders for the console. NCS feels that Sega can potentially supplant the Playstation as top console within a year of it's release in the Japanese marketplace. Logistically speaking, Sega has a lot of work to do but interest in Japan is feverish and we see quick adoptance of the console. The early release of the VMS is a master stroke that is fueling early interest. NCS also feels the N64 will be relegated to niche status within 6 months of Dreamcast's arrival on the Japanese scene."

    There you have it, straight from the mouth of the leading import retailer.

    Source: NCS

    Senngoku TURB Info - 2:40 am EST
    Seth C
    Senngoku TURB originally began as a 2D, freeware game for the PC as is being developed for NEC by "Atypical Alchemists Associate". The designers felt they could not accomplish their goals to the fullest on that platform, and as such, they switch development of the title over to Sega's Dreamcast.

    In that switch came the change of engine... the new one being completely 3D. The designers plan to bring us real-time battles in a fully 3D environment, along with various enemies which all react and think differently. Their race, sex, and many other parameters will affect their actions.

    The designers also want you to feel as if you have total control over your world and what takes place in it. There will be only one central storyline, but you will be able to alter it slightly. The actions you perform can and will change certain things that take place later on.

    As you can see from its description, they plan to bring you an entirely different game than what we have come to expect from today's RPGs.

    Source: Saturn Fan, via SegaNet

    Another Hoax or is This Real? - 1:35 am EST
    Seth C
    The Dreamcast HQ is reporting on a supposed new game for the Dreamcast. Of course, we are VERY cautious of this considering the way "Edge Creations" turned out.

    This picture is said to be taken from a game called "Rulers Realm" from a company called Orbtis. It is supposedly in very early alpha stages as, if the picture is real, it shows. This shot was very obviously drawn up on some sort of CAD software but I guess it could be a sort of "rough draft" or conceptual sketch. From what I can gather it is some form of Starcraft-esque strategy game, but no details have been released. Is it real? We'll wait and see.

    This Week's Poll - 11:45 pm EST
    Seth C
    - Game Poll -
    July 6, 1998
    Which game are you anticipating most?

    PS V
    Daytona 2

    Current Results
    Here are the results from last week's poll:

    How do you like the new design?
    11% - It's Worse
    77% - It's Better
    12% - I'm Indifferent

    I guess you can't please everyone. :)

    The poll this week revolves around three games that will almost certainly make it to the Dreamcast at some point or another. They are of three completely different genres, so I'm sure that will play a roll in the results. The games to choose from are Sonic, Phantasy Star V, and Daytona USA 2. We'll see you next week with the results.

    Psygnosis Up For Grabs? - 3:00 pm EST
    Seth C
    Sony has expressed that they are willing to take offers for Psygnosis. They are not actively trying to sell the company, but are simply listening to what people are willing to give. Why is this important? Because Psygnosis has previously stated an interest to develop for all viable platforms. If they are sold to another company, the chances of them developing for Dreamcast increase. Wipeout DC, anyone?

    WD Headed to Europe? - 2:15 pm EST
    Seth C
    Disappointed that Working Designs is not interested in working on the US Dreamcast? Well maybe you have a second chance. Here is what Vic had to say:

    "We've discussed this possibility with SEGA of Europe [European translations], but the European installed base would have to be over 1 million, so we're looking at 1 year after launch [of Dreamcast], if that avenue is explored further."

    Source: SegaNet

    Welcome Back! - 2:10 pm EST
    Seth C
    I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend. Free of injury, and all that good stuff. We here at Dreamcast Extreme ended up having an unexpected break. We planned on doing updates, but a few things stopped us. First, all the companies are closed over the weekend, and especially the weekend of July 4. Second, trying to get anyone to actually DO work was near impossible. *grin* We're back now, though!

    You Love Us, You Really Love Us! - 9:40 pm EST
    Seth C
    This week has been one of milestones. On Monday we had over 500 visitors to this site, and since then we have maintained numbers very close to that. And now, on our two week anniversary, we get to celebrate our 5,000th overall hit. We'd like to thank you, our readers, for making us one of the most popular Dreamcast sites on the web, and we hope you'll continue visiting.

    Add Two More - 4:05 pm EST
    Seth C
    You can add two more to the fray. Japanese developers Banpresto and Human Entertainment have both expressed interest in developing for the Dreamcast. Looks like it won't be long before we know who each of the 120 companies are. Or is the list growing as we speak?

    Rumors Abound - 2:40 pm EST
    Seth C
    With the Dreamcast, there seems to always be enough rumors to keep everyone entertained, so here are some of the ones currently floating about the internet and my opinions on them.

    - NEC is working on a third title: Well, they already have two in the works, so I wouldn't doubt it.

    - The DC has a USB port: Once again, this is very possible. It's certain that there is some sort of expansion port on the back of the system. Whether it is a USB port or some other form of expansion, that's left to be seen.

    - Naughty Dog is working on the Dreamcast: They are looking at the system, but that doesn't mean much. Considering their tight relationship with Sony (Sony owns their parent company) I wouldn't expect it anytime soon.

    Argonaut Confirmed - 1:05 am EST
    Seth C
    When Argonaut was contacted about their work on the Dreamcast, all they said was a very vague, very blunt, "we are working on a Dreamcast title". No name of the title, no details, no anything. BUT, it is official confirmation and could be the shooter that was shown at E3.
    Source: Dreamcast HQ

    What Do You Think of "Edge Creations"? - 9:55 pm EST
    Seth C
    Were you upset when you heard that Edge Creations was just a fake? Perhaps you had already gotten your hopes up about Nightmare Saga or Silent Trigger? Know who is to blame? His name is Dave Wilkie. Let's all let him know just how much we disapprove of his little scam.

    Duck Working on Dreamcast's FMV - 5:20 pm EST
    Seth C
    When the Duck Corporation was asked about TrueMotion 2.0 in relation to Dreamcast's MPEG capabilities they had this to say:

    "DreamCast does not have MPEG hardware, just a software implementation. TrueMotion is expected to perform much better than MPEG on that platform. TrueMotion 2 will definitely be available on the DreamCast."

    Source: Sega-Zone

    Edge Creations a Fraud - 4:00 pm EST
    Seth C
    Well, we've all been tricked. I thought there was something quite fishy about Mr. "Dave Wilkie" of the supposed "Edge Creations". Especially due to the fact that his writing was very poor. Turns out that "Silent Trigger" is really Enigma from Koei. It does run on the PowerVR chipset, but for now is just a PC game. Have a look for yourself.
    Source: SegaNet and Dreamcast Technical Pages

    Marvel Comics Foretells the Future! - 2:05 pm EST
    Seth C
    In looking back over a copy of Spectacular Spider-Man #179, circa 1991, I noticed something very odd. Is it possible that the Marvel Comics company knew something the rest of us did not? Were they prophesying of things to come? Examine these pictures, and you be the judge.
    *This is meant to be humorous, NOT to be taken seriously.

    Capcom Waits - 1:15 pm EST
    Seth C
    Capcom is apparently putting its console projects on hold. This includes all CPSIII games, such as Street Fighter 3: Second Impact, and Street Fighter Zero 3. They are taking a wait and see attitude as to how the Dreamcast will fare before they begin porting over their games. If the Dreamcast does not do well at first, their games will come to the Saturn packaged with 4 meg RAM carts.
    Source: Game Weekly, via Sega X

    Is Ocean Coming? - 1:00 pm EST
    Seth C
    According to reports, Ocean is now signing on as a Dreamcast publisher and is working on two games for the system. The first will be a port of the PC title that they have in development, called Outcast. The second is simply called "Silver" with no other details being released.
    Source: Game-Online

    Black and White for the Dreamcast? - 7:30 pm EST
    Seth C
    It appears that Lionhead's forthcoming Black and White may be adapted to the Dreamcast. In an interview with Peter Molineux (who set up Bullfrog), the CEO of Lionhead, this was said:

    Edge: Will we see Black and White on Dreamcast?
    PM: Dreamcast looks sexy. It would be cool.
    Edge: But could you do it without the mouse?
    PM: It doesn't matter. With these things, you're gesturing to make things happen - just like in Streetfighter. It should actually be easier.

    Source: Edge Magazine, via James Waddell

    More On Silent Trigger - 5:00 pm EST
    Seth C
    Once again, I had a talk with my source at Edge Creations. And guess what, he supplied me with even more info on their second title, Silent Trigger. Here's what he had to say:

    "The game is a 3rd Person Shooter. Unlike The other Shooters you interact with everything in your environment. The Game is going to try to take on a Virtua Cop style play, but with a view behind the character. Also this game is slated to be released with the Dreamcast. Each level is unique to the old one, unlike most games were you end at a level and start at a whole new place, in Silent Trigger, you start at the end of the level , and progress on that way , to make a more realistic feel to the game. Also it is undecided to have online Multi Play, but we will have a 4-player death match unlike anything you have ever seen before. The game is currently running at 30 frames per sec, but the final Version will have a blazing 60 frames per sec."

    He was even gracious enough to supply us with a picture of the game. I don't know about you, but this title seems hot.

    A Game Called "Pi"? - 3:55 pm EST
    Seth C
    Sega of Japan has a new game in the works. It's is based on one of the comics published by Sega Toys. Sega X has part of the title translated, but all they have is "Pi". Of course, the chances of this game EVER making it to this country are well, non-existent.

    Sunsoft and Data East confirmed - 3:55 pm EST
    Seth C
    Sunsoft and Data East have both confirmed development for the Dreamcast. If you don't recall, Data East has a long working relationship with Sega. For example, they merged their pinball divisions a few years ago. Neither of the two companies have announced any titles.

    Nightmare Saga Gameplay Options and Release Date - 2:30 pm EST
    Seth C
    I was speaking with my source at Edge Creations today and he mentioned a very important aspect of their game, Nightmare Saga. Take a look:

    "...since the Dreamcast has a modem and Windows CE we have a new innovated way to change the whole game configuration. What we will do is once you beat the Game all you have to do is call us up , give us your modem IP number and Dreamcast Number and we will redo the game ,we will have several types of ending and games on the disc , we will just tell the windows CE to open this one up instead of the first one , to give you endless game play options..."

    He went on to say that the official release date is now Sept. 30, 1999.

    Unreal...Or Unreal 2? - 3:40 am EST
    Seth C
    We all pretty much know Unreal is going to be on the Dreamcast, whether it has been officially announced or not. What form, no one knows. Well, sources inside Epic are apparently telling some people that it will be some form of the game's sequel, Unreal 2. They even went on to say that it could possibly be a combo pack with the missions from both games. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see.
    Source: Sega Otaku

    Fighting Bujitsu Thoughts - 3:20 am EST
    Seth C
    Has anyone played Konami's arcade fighter, Fighting Bujitsu? Sure it's no Virtua Fighter 3, in looks or playability, but it's a fairly decent game once you give it a fair share of playing time. Anyway, I was just thinking about the possibility of playing it at home. And as of right now, there is only one choice of a possible system… that being the Dreamcast. I have no clue whether it will happen, but it would be nice.

    More On Nightmare Saga - 2:35 am EST
    Seth C
    According to Dreamcast HQ, the game will have a multiplayer "simulation" option where you make your own creature and fight against up to 60 people. The designers says the game is only 10% but is pushing close to 1.5 million polygons, which is quite simply, amazing. The game is set to have graphics that rival CGI with a full array of effects such as lighting, fog, snow, and rain. Dreamcast HQ's source went on to say that that the DC hardware is simply amazing, and a breeze to program for. The good news just continues to come in.

    Silent Trigger - 2:25 am EST
    Seth C
    Edge Creations, the company rumored to be working on a huge multiplayer title for the Dreamcast, is also apparently working on a new Virtua Cop style shooter called Silent Trigger. The game is set to be part of the US launch, which is said to be in August of '99. This news comes to us from Dreamcast HQ, so if you feel I stole it from you, you're wrong...hehe.